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The Science of Bonding:
Adheva Makes It Easy. Adheva manufactures and distributes a complete line of proven, globally competitive pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) tape products.

Adheva offers a unique brand of customer service that focuses on your needs and challenges. With proprietary adhesive science developed over more than a half century, Adheva offers PSA tapes that create a competitive advantage in price, adhesive quality and longterm performance.

You'll find it easy to do business with Adheva.

Adheva's legacy of excellence spans decades, starting with the establishment of its production facilities in Asia and expanding to encompass sales and service offices in the United States and Europe. Today, the company has operations in California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Germany, providing customers with the geographic convenience, production capacity and distribution centers that are so critical in the global marketplace. With an abundance of combined experience in the business, Adheva's senior management team knows how to keep quality high and costs low while saving customers tremendous time and effort.

By focusing exclusively on the features and benefits of pressure sensitive adhesive tape, Adheva has gained valuable in-depth experience that enables the company to deliver value. Adheva's cost-effective line of products include high-performance packaging and sealing solutions that provide the precise level of strength and adhesion for every situation, from light-duty applications to challenging conditions such as extreme temperatures or dusty environments. And through innovative applications, Adheva continues to develop new solutions to meet the unique needs of customers in fields ranging from health care to automotive production.

Adheva is offering products in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and QS-9000 guidelines - internationally recognized standards for service, safety and quality - so customers and business partners know they can count on Adheva for consistent products, exceptional solutions and outstanding customer service.

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