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Welcome to Adheva
Ken Wang President & CEO
Ken brings over two decades of international financial management and manufacturing leadership to the Adheva team. His expertise includes managing the international sales and marketing team for an industrial manufacturer that earned AS 9000, QS 9000 and ISO 9001 & 14001qualifications. This prior experience has given him insight to the unique economic, financial, marketing, and supply chain management requirements for industrial sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and communication. His strong management skill sets include a multilingual and multicultural background that allows him to be highly effective in today’s global marketplace.
"Satisfaction begins with high product quality, consistency and cost benefits. But it's important to go beyond the expected. We want our customers to say 'Wow! This is a great company to do business with.'"
Marc Segal Executive Vice President
Marc brings over 20 years of experience engineering solutions for his customers.

Marc's previous experiences included developing financial solutions for many Fortune 1000 companies and Major airlines as a part of the management of BTM Capital in Boston and The Royal Bank of Scotland. Marc was responsible for the sales effort, and for developing a cohesive strategy of delivery value added solutions to their clients.

With Marc's background of listening to the customer's issues and creating solutions, he brings a new thought process to the world of pressure sensitive tape. Adheva was created to engineer solutions for today's world using state of the art manufacturing equipment without legacy constraints. Marc can help companies utilize Adheva's unique thinking approach to the tape industry.
"Our experience gives us a unique kind of confidence; the confidence to develop great products, the confidence to listen and learn and the confidence to deliver."
Al Pardini Vice President
A graduate of Fordham University and a former Marine Corps Captain, Al has over 30 years of experience in the tape business. He has held senior management positions in both sales and marketing and manufacturing including having been a plant manager for both Avery Dennison and Nitto Denco. His extensive background offers Adheva customers a valuable asset.
"Customer need drives Adheva's research and development efforts. Our expertise is in matching the application with the right adhesive solution at a lower cost. It's one of the ways we build value into the relationship."
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